Around Siena

Recently, Ged and I took a trip to Siena for some excellent riding and camping.

We found a nice campsite just south of Siena in Casciano di Murlo called Le Soline.  Full of Dutch and Germans.  Smiles all around.


Woke up after a nice sleep.  The sound of wind came through the tent the entire night but made for a very comforting noise to fall asleep to.  Reminded me of the ocean back home.

About midday we decided we’d better get a move on.  Munched on homemade banana bread then drove off to Montalcino to find a parking space and begin the ride!

Our departure point. Getting the bikes ready.

The original plan was to climb all the way up to Monte Amiata, an old volcano in the region. Once we got 40 km into the ride, we changed our minds. We figured 1,200-1,300 m of climbing was enough for us.

We stopped in Abbadia for a break and a snack.

Cookie coma.

Then it was back to the car! My stomach had started cramping due to it being that time of the month, but I had no other choice but to pedal on. The pain went away eventually, and before I knew it, we were on the last climb to the car.

80 km in pure sunshine.

Legs were definitely feeling it from Saturday, so we kept it short and rode 40 km around Gaiole in Chianti. It was a beautiful little loop that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Also, I would just like to note that I do have more than one jersey. I do wear my UF team jersey a lot because 1. I like it and 2. I need to lose a few kilos to fit nicely into my other ones without looking like Shrek. That is all.


4 thoughts on “Around Siena

  1. I don’t think there’s any bad riding around that whole area. Did you remember to grab some Rosso or Brunello while you were in Montalcino? I hope so. My wife and I rode from Firenze through Siena to get to Asciano (our base) and I loved every moment of all the riding we did. There’s a nice climb up to Cortona if you ever head out in that area.


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