To the coast!

My uncle once told me that there’s more oxygen in the air by the sea, which is why he liked to go to the beach so much and just breathe.

I guess that’s true about the oxygen, but I find it hard to breathe calmly and deeply when I’m dodging scooters and whipping around corners on my bike.

That’s what we did on Saturday.

Starting further inland, Ged and I rode out to the Ligurian coast, passing La Spezia and stopping in Porto Venere for some lunch.

The ride was mostly flat with some rolling hills and the occasional sneaky steep bit. A solid 80km in my book.

Porto Venere

Awesome wind chimes that my mom would love.

Not much of a beach, but everyone seemed content on the rocks.

Check mate.

Walking through the town center. Quite narrow and steep.

Reward of pesto and prosciutto pizza. Greasy, lovely mess.


3 thoughts on “To the coast!

  1. Thanks for the pictures. It brings back memories. When I was in the Navy, the ship I was on, visited La Spezia for a few days in 1947. If I remember, there is a Naval and Military base there. At the time I was there, part of the city was still in ruins from World War ll.
    Keep enjoying your trip and stay safe. Your mom and I are going to a family wedding in New York Stae this weekend.
    Love, Grandpa

  2. Congratulations on staying upright this time 😉

    I’m planning to get to San Remo later this year for a bit of a special family get together. Sadly bikes won’t be part of the plan (but cameras sure will.) I have a long lost sister (42 years) to meet for only the second time. It seems like a good place for a joint vacation…

    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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