Gone for a hike

I’ve been hiking lately. I’m planning on doing the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 170km hike that passes through Italy, France and Switzerland, which means I need to get some practice in before I attempt it in August.

There are loads of hiking trails in Italy. Some of them are hard to get to:

But the views are always worth it.

A tiny church at the top of Passo delle Radici.

Trail food.

Heading to the Capo d’Arno, the source of the Arno River.

Drinking from the Arno.

A little further up from the Capo d’Arno.


Morning-after rewards.


One thought on “Gone for a hike

  1. Love your great pics. Looks like your having fun and getting a lot of fresh air. Can’t wait for you to come home and make us some pancakes 🙂

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