Giro Donne: Montecatini Stage

Watching a women’s pro race is entirely different from watching a men’s pro race.

Yesterday was my first time watching a women’s pro race in person, and I was really surprised by how casual everything and everyone was. When the riders finished, they just sat on the sidewalk for a while and talked to their teammates and team staff until the last riders rolled in. No crowds or barriers around the riders.

I’m really glad I got to watch the race, but it made me a little worried to see such a lack of interest in the Giro Donne. Their website even asks for sponsors. I think women’s cycling is definitely here to stay, but I’m not sure if these bigger races like the Giro Donne will last if they can’t find sponsors.

Marianne Vos finishing first.

Evelyn Stevens finishing strong.


One thought on “Giro Donne: Montecatini Stage

  1. Amanda, you have been bicycling for a while. Heve you considered women’s racing?
    Love, Grandpa

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