Look Mum No Hands

Greetings from LMNH. After an awesome morning of watching the Olympic women’s indoor volleyball (China v. Turkey & Serbia v. S. Korea), Ged and I made our way down to the famous Look Mum No Hands cafe. We shared a lovely pumpkin & lentil soup, as well as a quiche with salad.



I never thought I’d say this (because I was always opposed to the wastefulness of cities), but I love this city.

There’s always something to see or do that just inspires you or challenges you to think differently. I’ve been to London before but never stayed for longer than a few days. Now that I have a few weeks to walk around and catch people doing cartwheels in the park or stumble a free concert, I’m realizing how full of life a large city can be. I’d always thought of cities as dark and depressing (and there are certainly less inspiring parts of the city), and at one point in my life I was morally opposed to cities because they suck up so much energy and are not good for the environment, but but I can’t constantly fixate on my “carbon footprint.” Yes, I try to live my life in a way that I believe is kind to the Earth and myself, however, I do believe the purpose of life is to fin happiness, and, well, I’m happy right now!


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  1. Look mum no hands could be followed by Look mum no teeth. So make sure you use your hands while riding a bike.

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