Let’s try this again.

Well, hello. I haven’t seen you in a while.

I’m back. Again. This time with a seven-week-old baby, though. She’s awesome.

I haven’t been doing much riding, as you can imagine, because in the last few months I’ve either been very pregnant or recovering from birth and caring for a newborn.

I’m finally getting back on the bike. My bits have healed enough to let me ride, even if it’s only for 16km!

A couple of weekends ago I woke up nice and early to get to a “ciclotour” in the Mugello Valley north of Florence. But it wasn’t me who was riding. It was Ged. 90km and 1400m climbing. Details here.


Baby and I kissed him goodbye as he hopped on his bike, then we didn’t see him until lunchtime. She and I walked around for a while before hanging out in the car for a little nap.

The start of the course went through the Mugello Autodromo (racetrack) where they have the Moto GP sometimes. Apparently, people were making car-racing sounds as they rode on the track.

Ged did well. Really well. And he enjoyed it, which is what counts.  It was really beautiful weather too, which always helps.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sunday-morning ride without a wedding. Oh, Italy.
The ride was only 7euros, which included rest stops, a goody bag at the end, and a lunch of ravioli, crostata, fruit and WINE. Wine at the end of a bike ride.

I’m definitely doing this next year. Ged can babysit. 🙂