Back in Florence

We’re back after a week of traveling in France.  It was fun to follow the Tour for a bit, but it’s nice to be back in my warm bed.  Can’t believe how cold it gets on top of Alpe d’Huez in JULY.  So worth it, though.


For the first part of the trip we stayed near Embrun, where the mountain time trial was starting from a few days later.

I rode part of the course, breastfed baby once I reached the top of the climb (Ged followed in the car as my “directeur sportif”), then descended on that crazy, gravelly downhill before heading back to the campsite. I think I did 5k in climbing, and I was pooped by the time I got to the top. Total ride distance was 30km. My longest ride yet since giving birth on May 2. Woot.



From there, we left for Alpe d’Huez.  As we did two years ago, we set up camp on the top of the mountain.  Our tent was right next to a ski chair, as well as some very nice Danish people. During the Tour, Alpe d’Huez becomes a camping free-for-all. There are literally tents everywhere–tents in the playground, tents under the ski chair, tents in the parking lot.


Staying in a tent with baby was awesome. Ged and I have always liked camping, so to share that love with our new baby was very special for us. She looked so cute in her baby sleeping bag, too.

Getting to see a bike race was cool, too. 🙂




I am a snail

Two months post-partom.  A handful of rides since giving birth.  Not doing too bad in the saddle, I guess, but it sucks to start from scratch.

The only rides I’ve done since I’ve been back have been 16km long.  Today, I bumped it up to 20km and even included a CLIMB!  Ha.  It’s been a while since I’ve gained altitude on the bike.

Here are my slowww stats via Strava.




We’re off to France in a week to watch a stage or two of the Tour, as well as ride a bit.  I’m worried that I might die on Alpe d’Huez when I attempt to climb it.  I’ve climbed it twice in the past, but I’m in terrible shape right now.  We shall see.