I am a snail

Two months post-partom.  A handful of rides since giving birth.  Not doing too bad in the saddle, I guess, but it sucks to start from scratch.

The only rides I’ve done since I’ve been back have been 16km long.  Today, I bumped it up to 20km and even included a CLIMB!  Ha.  It’s been a while since I’ve gained altitude on the bike.

Here are my slowww stats via Strava.




We’re off to France in a week to watch a stage or two of the Tour, as well as ride a bit.  I’m worried that I might die on Alpe d’Huez when I attempt to climb it.  I’ve climbed it twice in the past, but I’m in terrible shape right now.  We shall see.


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  1. You can do it. Have faith on yourself. We are on our way back to Hollywood after Judah’s birthday party. Grandpa.

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