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Nursing bras

I breastfeed our baby.

I have big boobs, which have gotten bigger now that I’m lactating. I really need a bra that will support me well.

I had two nursing bras by the time I had the baby. The same bra in two different colors.

It was this Gilligan & O’Malley one from Target.  At first, I thought it was great.  And then a month passed.  I got a ton of use out of this bra, but it quickly became apparent that I would need another one as the Gilligan & O’Malley ones had stretched out so much that it was uncomfortable to walk briskly.  I could fit my fist inside the back of the bra when it was on the tightest setting.  Not good.

Here I am a few months later and finally getting new nursing bras.  I was in London for a couple of days and decided to stop in Harrod’s to see what all the fuss was about.  While I was in there, I thought surely they must have maternity/nursing bras.  And, they did!

Enter:  Elle Machperson Intimates.  The very helpful woman working in the lingerie department could tell my size just by looking at me, and within minutes I was in a new bra and feeling totally supported.  I felt like a new woman!




I bought this bra in a 32G and this one in a smaller cup size (it was all they had and I was desperate).

I feel so much better having made these purchases.  Yes, they are pricey and nearly four times as expensive as the Target bras.  They are worth it, though.  For me, there’s nothing worse than feeling like my boobs are swinging around just when I’m walking.

I also bought this bra from Carriwell in the maternity boutique at Harrod’s.  I bought a size Large and it fits perfectly.

I have to be honest, I felt a little guilty for spending so much money on bras.  I’ve never spent that much money on underwear in my life!   Now that I’ve worn them for a few days, however, I can tell you that I’m so glad I made the purchase and would do it again if I had to.